Mobility Van Sales

Mobility For U Vans For Sale!

In order to keep our vans clean and pristine for our clients and friends, we continually replenish our fleet with new vehicles. This allows us to offer our gently used vans for sale at very competitive prices. Our late model Toyota Sienna LE Mini-Vans, with Braun Ability Side-Entry Automatic XT Ramp and Kneeling Systems, and less than 20,000 miles, are completely refurbished prior to selling them. We professional remove all advertising and detail them inside and out so there is no hint that they were used in our fleet.

We have and will transport these vans anywhere in the United States, so, of town inquiries are always welcome.

We would be privileged to provide the details and pricing of these vans to you upon request. Call us at 314-873-6814.



Complete details and Pricing for the vehicles gladly provided upon request.