I am often asked why Mobility for U® continues to rent late model Toyota Side Entry Vans instead of the rear entry vehicles that are available.  In my 7 year history in the wheelchair accessible van business, I have looked at many types and brands of vehicles.  I am convinced that the brand and type of van we feature gives our customers and friends the finest, car-like ride, with the highest level of safety and comfort.  It would scare me to have my loved one access a rear entry van, since the ramp must be deployed in a traffic lane!  Our Mobility for U® vehicles’ entry systems are accessible from a parking place.  Also, most rear entry vans do not have the seating capacity that our side entry vehicles offer.  This limits the number of family members that can travel with their loved one.  To me, there isn’t any question which is better—Mobility for U® will remain providing Toyota Side Entry Vans.