I recently had an occasion to rent a “Mobility For U” wheel chair-accommodating minivan from Mike Flotken. As a customer, I was truly DELIGHTED! Mike has Toyota minivans that have been professionally converted to accommodate a passenger in a wheel chair. An extendable side ramp allows the passenger in a wheelchair to enter with the same grace and dignity, as if they were entering a limousine. The vans are professionally serviced, immaculately cleaned, detailed and comfortable. This is a great way to provide easy transportation to take your loved one to an appointment or a driving trip.

Mike Flotken does not just do the rental and hand you the keys. He provides the renter with an elite level of customer service and satisfaction that is intended to make your rental a delightful experience. The operation of the minivan’s specialized equipment is clearly explained. I can tell you that Mike cares about your loved one’s comfort and safety.

I highly recommend Mike Flotken’s “Mobility For U”!