Dear Mike,

      I wanted to let you know what a difference your company, Mobility for U, did for my father and myself. I grew up with a dad who did not know what resting meant, rarely took vacations, and was from the “old” school of work ethic. He was an extremely successful, proud and independent man. My dad passed away recently, but not before having the pleasure of utilizing your company. When I saw your ad in Town and Country, I immediately picked up the phone to call. Long story short, you have come up with an absolutely BRILLIANT concept and company. My sister and I had gotten my dad all of the things he would need at home to help him get around, but our problem was transporting him to doctor’s appointments, going out for a meal, visiting his 94 year old sister, etc.  As my dad started to get weaker and weaker, my sister and I were terrified what we were going to do. That’s where you of course come in.

     I was lucky enough to have used your vans more than once. You were wonderful and made the whole process a pleasure. The vans were absolutely perfect–brand new, more than spacious for a wheelchair plus a couple of passengers, easy to drive, EXACTLY what I needed. We were not on anybody’s schedule except our own. It truly was a pleasure. I congratulate you and thank you for your company.

Thank you again and Good Luck.