Simple Life Pleasures Like Going For Ice Cream

Mobility Mike makes renting a minivan with a lift so easy. My sister and I took our 97-year-old mother out to shop, have lunch, and get her hair cut. We took her driving around to see her old house and places she missed. We visited her husband’s grave and more. We did some sad things but very important to her at this stage of her life. It was a treat for her and we had fun going for an ice cream. Simple life pleasures! Mike also suggested resources to help us find a new residence for our mother. We were then able to rent a van a second time to take her to see the new options for her housing. She was able then to give input instead of having her daughters choose for her. The vans are easy to drive, park, and handle. Mike provides a service that should be in every city! It’s been a pleasure, Mike, and thank you for your passion in helping those in need. We are hoping to rent from you again!


This Has Been a Journey

Words cannot begin to express the emotional ties that I have for Mobility for U® and our clients.  The transportation service that we have developed brings seniors and people with special needs closer to their families and allows them to continue to experience all that life offers. Throughout our 6 ½ year history, Mobility for U® has been asked to provide many, varied transportation services to people who otherwise would not be able to attend their family’s weddings, reunions, birthday parties of their grandchildren, tour our magnificent country, or just go out to lunch with their friends. I only wish that I could convince the families of our seniors, loved ones, and veterans not confine these friends and family members to nursing home communities and assisted living centers. We are all Social Beings—all of us need social interaction and stimulation. Please join me and let them know that they are not forgotten or abandoned.

One Check off The Bucket List

An extremely wonderful man wanted to fulfill one of his father’s last wishes. The wish was visiting the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.  So, I worked with several vendors to help make his Dad’s wish come true. We finalized the arrangements for the son to drive one of our Mobility for U® vans to our nation’s capital. It was truly a heartwarming experience meeting these wonderful people.

We Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Thank you, Mike, for your kind thoughts about my dad’s death.  I’m sad but so appreciative of the loving, remarkable, supportive, curious, and long-living guy he was.

You helped give his life extra dimension in his last years.  Many a trip—not just for doctor appointments and other necessary errands, but to family festivities and expeditions to Ted Drewes.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful for.


Thumbs up and Five Stars!

Mike has incredible customer service and flexibility to work with you and your loved ones. Without Mike and his vehicle our trip to St. Louis with my mom would not have been possible! He worked with us to meet our scheduling needs even when we decided to stay an extra day. Thank you again for everything Mike! To all of those in need of this type of assistance, look no further than Mobility for U! Thumbs up and Five Stars!