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Mobility for U gives independence and enjoyment!

Mobility for U is a terrific convenience to our family.  the beautifully equipped vans allow us to include my mom in many family events that would otherwise be a challenge for her.  With the vans, she can easily drive her scooter-type wheelchair into and out of the vehicles and not bother with a sometimes painful transfer from the wheelchair to the car.  It gives her more independence and enjoyment.  Mobility for U makes pickup and return of the vehicle very quick and easy.


M.I., St. Louis, MO

Service Recommendation

I rented a van from Mike Flotken for several occasions that were important for my husband to attend.  Mike made it very easy and was always helpful and pleasant to deal with.  I would recommend his service for anyone who needs a wheel-chair accessible van.


M.I., St. Louis, MO

Mobility for U was such a Godsend

Mike-I normally don’t rate purchases of services provided, but Mobility for U was such a godsend that it was truly warranted.  In the last few months of my mother’s life, she was no longer able to make the transition from her wheelchair to my car.  I tried to use various taxi services for wheelchair individuals, but they didn’t seem to be able or willing to accommodate after work hours or last minute requests.  I call Mike, and was able to rent a van early one evening to take my mom to the ER (one service actually told me they don’t take people to the ER)  I believe I was his first client.  His willingness and adaptability to make it happen was great!  I experienced the same level of customer service during future rentals. I didn’t want to use an ambulance and this was a great option.  Thank you Mike.

T.G. St. Louis, MO

Customer Testimonial

Mobility for U provided excellent and professional services when we moved a family member to a care center.  They were prompt, and courteous from our initial request to the arrival at the care center.  Their driver saw to it that our family member got to his room safely.  thank you Mobility for U!

S.J.  St. Louis, MO

Customer Testimonial

Sorry I took so long responding Mike but everything was perfect. Your service was a dream-come true for our family. We were able to take my dad and mom out for their 60th wedding anniversary and if you hadn’t come along we would have been stuck in the same old boring nursing home. Instead we were able to take them to a nice restaurant. Thank you again for your service and I’m sure we will be using it in the future. Thanks again,

Jim of St. Louis.




Mike Flotken Launches Premier Accessible Van Rental and Chaffeur Service for Seniors and People with Special Needs


St. Louis, Missouri—I launched St. Louis’ premier van rental and chauffeur service for seniors and people with special needs. After struggling with the unreliable and expensive transportation choice available to seniors and people with special needs in the St. Louis Area for over 10 years, I  established Mobility for U—the dignified transportation alternative for seniors and people with special needs.  Mobility for U is my dream—to establish a dignified, quality and reliable method of transporting senior and people with special needs without relying on an outside vendor’s schedule.

It became extremely dangerous for our family members to continue to manhandle our parents in and out of conventional cars and SUV’s whenever we wanted to take them somewhere. Trying to schedule our parents’ transportation needs with those of the other available vendors was impossible.  So, I sought to design an alternative to all of these impersonal and unreliable transportation methods and Mobility for U was born.  And, serving the needs of seniors and people with special needs has become my passion.

I made a commitment to use only Toyota Sienna Mini Vans in our fleet and specially equip them with ADA accessories by BraunAbility and make them available for daily, weekly or longer rentals. My concept is designed for simplicity, convenience and economy.  And, unlike the usual, unreliable transportation options available in the St. Louis Area, Mobility for U vehicles are rented directly to the end user who uses the vans to transport loved ones on their schedule.  The vans are picked up at the Mobility for U office at pre-arranged times and are driven by a family member or friend.  This provides complete freedom without the burden and expense of a long-term purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

A Mobility for U van can be rented on an as needed basis for a portion of a day, a full day, a week or longer.  Our vehicles require no special training, licensing or insurance. I will easily train you to use the accessible equipment in less than 5 minutes.

Then, after receiving many requests, Mobility for U launched our Chauffeur/Driver Service.  Mobility for U partnered with Right at Home, Home Health Care Company of St. Louis to provide Certified Nurse Assistants as drivers.  These experts safely pick up and deliver your loved one to a doctor’s appointment, dialysis, restaurant, mall or anywhere.  But, the big difference is the skill level of our drivers.  Let me repeat that.  Each Mobility for U van is staffed with a Certified Nurse Assistant—these experts are DEFINITELY not taxi drivers.  I wanted someone in the driver’s seat who is skilled in handling seniors and people with special needs.

As an added convenience, Mobility for U can provide other services to accompany the vans.  By partnering with St. Louis’ top names in accessibility equipment, a Mobility for U van can be equipped with wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, non-medical caregivers, or anything else to make the customer’s experience safer and more enjoyable.

A Mobility for U journey can be as simple as a trip to the doctor or grocery store, or can be lengthened to a weekend trip of longer, a short drive in the country, shuttling to a family event such as a wedding or anniversary party.  My dream is exactly what the name implies—to provide Mobility to those who don’t readily have it.  And with this Mobility comes a feeling of freedom to those confined to a wheelchair, scooter or nursing community.

Mobility for U is truly St. Louis’ premier transportation alternative for seniors and people with special needs, renting wheelchair accessible vans to families for use with their family members AND providing a chauffeur/driver pick-up service to those who prefer it. Your confined family members will love you for it.  Mobility is a loving gift to those who do not have it.

Please contact Mobility for U at (314) 873-6814 or for reservations. Or for more information, please visit our new website,