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The Customer Services Is Unparalleled In The Community

I have been working with Mike and Mobility For U now for a few years both personally and professionally and wanted to say how impressed I am with his company. The customer service is beyond what is expected and is unparalleled in the community! Mike goes above and beyond to make his clients happy and provides dignity and independence to the seniors and special needs families in St. Louis. I highly recommend him for any family our there seeking to find freedom for their loved ones that need transportation.


Try them, you won’t be disappointed!

I used this service for the first time on Friday, March 31, 2017 to transport my mom from the nursing home to her husband’s memorial service and I cannot say enough good things about the owner Mr. Flotken and the services they provided. I was able to pick up the vehicle, which was clean, gassed, and very well equipped in a timely fashion and he was gracious and thorough in explaining how everything worked. The greeting I received from him was so warm and memorable and I want to thank Mobility for U for making this experience one I will never forget. Try them, you won’t be disappointed!


Thank A Veteran

Several years ago, I donated one of our Mobility for U® vans to shuttle veterans with special needs from the parking lot of the Chesterfield Air Show to the air show venue, I was fortunate enough to do the driving! It was one of the most inspiring days of my life. These men and women kept thanking me for my service.  All I wanted to do was show them that we appreciated the sacrifices that they had made serving our country.  I feel that we as a country don’t do enough for our veterans, so with that said next time you see a veteran please thank them for their service.

It Was a Stellar Experience!

Mike is personable, helpful, interesting and fun. He made a “new” situation (always a little nerve-wracking for disabled) a pleasure to experience. Didn’t mind paying extra (less than a taxi) for curbside pick-up and delivery to the airport, not to mention, help with our luggage. It was a stellar experience. Loved the vehicle! Thanks Mike! God bless Mike, prayers that your business flourishes!

L. T. B. 

Comfortable Transportation For My Father!

Mike and Mobility for U helped us get my elderly Dad to our son’s Bar Mitzvah in his electronic wheelchair with a driver/aide. He usually uses a transport chair but it is uncomfortable and it’s getting harder for him to transfer especially from the car. With Mobility for U, he was able to drive his chair right out of the van and into the building, back in the van and into another location for the party and then home again without having to transfer. It was a blessing to have him at his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah and be so comfortable too.

A. E.

You Are A HERO

We had an incredible trip down to dad and his best friends seminary school in Cape Girardeau. Got to hear so many stories I never heard and got to see where dad spent a lot of his youth. It was a very special and important trip. They kept thanking me for making it happen, but you were the real man to make it happen! Everything went perfect and we had no problems.

Anyway, thank you again for helping us get this trip in the books. You’re a hero.


We Will Be Using Mobility for U Again and Referring To Others

Thank you for the convenient and personable service. The van was clean, well serviced, and provided great accommodation. Thanks to you my brother-in-law was able to enjoy the ride to and from the wedding of his granddaughter in comfort an the rental process was made simple and friendly. We look forward to not only using Mobility for U in the future, but in referring you to others as well.

All the best,