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Thanks For The Friendly Service

I can’t thank you enough for providing this service!
It made our lives so much easier being able to get my mom to our son’s reception. A couple of our guests did ask for business cards so I know they will be calling you in the future. Thanks again for the friendly service.  I will be sure to email Matt Chambers and thank him for having you on Great Day St. Louis!


My Mom Attended My Sons Wedding!

Thank you for your company and the unique service that it provides.  I don’t think we could have managed transporting my mom to and from the wedding of my son and his bride without a vehicle that is equipped such as yours.  We will keep you in mind if an occasion arises that we can make something like this happen again.


Mobility for U – A Godsend

I normally don’t rate purchases or services provided, but Mobility for U was such a godsend that it is truly warranted.  In the last few months of my mother’s life, she was no longer able to make the transition from her wheelchair to my car.  I tried to use various taxi services for wheelchair individuals, but they didn’t seem to be able or willing to accommodate after work hours or last minute requests.  Finally one day, someone told me that a new service was starting called Mobility for U.  I called Mike, and was able to rent a van early one evening to take my mom to the ER (one service actually told me they don’t take people to ER).  I believe I was his first client.  His willingness and adaptability to make it happen was great.  I experienced the same level of customer service during future rentals.  I didn’t want to use an ambulance, and this was a great option.  Thank you Mike!


My Mother Was Able To Attend Her Family Reunion

“Our family needed a way to transport our immobile mother for a family reunion in Columbia, Mo. My brother found Mobility for U through a recommendation of a friend. The ease of transporting her was more than I expected and I was so pleasantly surprised how smooth and calming the transition and road trip was for my mom, especially and all of us. I highly recommend Mobility for U as Mike Flotken is a friendly, easy to reach and work with person and the ride in the van was smooth and hassle- free. If I can be a reference at anytime in helping with questions or comments in using the Mobility for U service, don’t hesitate to email me.”

Exactly What I Needed!

Dear Mike,

      I wanted to let you know what a difference your company, Mobility for U, did for my father and myself. I grew up with a dad who did not know what resting meant, rarely took vacations, and was from the “old” school of work ethic. He was an extremely successful, proud and independent man. My dad passed away recently, but not before having the pleasure of utilizing your company. When I saw your ad in Town and Country, I immediately picked up the phone to call. Long story short, you have come up with an absolutely BRILLIANT concept and company. My sister and I had gotten my dad all of the things he would need at home to help him get around, but our problem was transporting him to doctor’s appointments, going out for a meal, visiting his 94 year old sister, etc.  As my dad started to get weaker and weaker, my sister and I were terrified what we were going to do. That’s where you of course come in.

     I was lucky enough to have used your vans more than once. You were wonderful and made the whole process a pleasure. The vans were absolutely perfect–brand new, more than spacious for a wheelchair plus a couple of passengers, easy to drive, EXACTLY what I needed. We were not on anybody’s schedule except our own. It truly was a pleasure. I congratulate you and thank you for your company.

Thank you again and Good Luck.

Simple Things We Take For Granted

“Everything went great. We had a beautiful day. Jerry said he enjoyed being outside of the four walls of his home, so very much. Your tips were so helpful, in avoiding any problems. We picked up box lunches and had a picnic in the park. Hazel and her Grandpa had a wonderful time. All the simple things we take for granted are so difficult for someone who is disabled. Thank you so much for bringing such joy to our family. We will do this again.”

Journey To A New Home!

Last summer, a St. Louis family wanted to transport their 82-year-old, wheelchair bound grandmother from her Minneapolis home to a new permanent residence in St. Louis. Grandmother couldn’t fly because she had to position her legs out straight in front of her. The family initially contacted an air ambulance service and Mobility for U® provided the family with complete transportation service for 30% of the cost of hiring an air ambulance!  They called Mobility for U® and we were up to the challenge.  We sent two caregivers and one of our vans to Minneapolis and safely brought grandmother to St. Louis for thousands of dollars less than using an ambulance service and this included the hotel for the caregivers in Minneapolis, meals, gas—everything. The family was ecstatic!