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Dear Mike,

I wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate your wheelchair accessible van service. It was such a great help in taking my wheel-chair bound father to his Doctor appointment. Your convenient location and reasonable cost made renting a van stress-free. The van itself was pleasant to drive and allowed for complete ease of getting the patient in and out of the vehicle.

I am glad to know your service is available whenever I need it.


Modern and Clean Fleet

Mike Flotken and Mobility for U have an outstanding service for the transportation needs of seniors.  Mike has a centrally located office where his up to date modern clean fleet is kept.  When you meet Mike for the first time you will feel like your dealing with family…the care and compassion doesn’t end until you are satisfied.  I am a current customer who has personally used and driven the van’s and would highly recommend you choose Mobility for U.


Mother’s Day Was Priceless!

Mike, thank you so much for offering this service!

I had never given any thought to needing a company like Mobility for U in the past, but as my mom is recovering from a stroke, it sure has been a blessing.

Mother’s Day was priceless.  Having your van allowed us the freedom to enjoy the day to the fullest.  It was a joy to go for a ride and be able to wheel my mom into the passenger seat position!  We were able to enjoy a full day of beautiful weather, parks and shopping without any worry of trying to transport her from a wheelchair.

It meant everything to be able to get away from the rehab facility and enjoy some normal life!  That was some of the best therapy for both of us, and we both look forward to using your service again!!


Our Special International Friends and Clients

Mobility for U® partners with all the major St. Louis Hospitals and International medical referral groups.  We found out about a devastating disease called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), a form of Cerebral Palsy. We were contacted by an English family who had two daughters stricken with this disease and were planning a trip to the world-famous St. Louis Children’s Hospital where the two girls could receive surgical relief from this condition. They needed to be picked up at the airport and rent a van for their four week stay in St. Louis. Mobility for U® was up for the challenge! The family arrived in St. Louis and their operations were incredibly successful! After about three weeks, my wife and I had a dinner party at our home to celebrate and offer them a taste of a home cooked meal instead of hospital or hotel food.  Then we took them to Ted Drewes for dessert and an original taste of St. Louis. We remain friends with them to this day and correspond with them regularly.

We Easily Transported My Mother To A Different City For A Family Reunion

Our family needed a way to transport our immobile mother for a family reunion in Columbia, Mo. My brother found Mobility for U through a recommendation of a friend. The ease of transporting her was more than I expected and I was so pleasantly surprised how smooth and calming the transition and road trip was for my mom, especially and all of us. I highly recommend Mobility for U as Mike Flotken is a friendly, easy to reach and work with person and the ride in the van was smooth and hassle-free. If I can be a reference at anytime in helping with questions or comments in using the Mobility for U service, don’t hesitate to email me.


Thanks For The Friendly Service

I can’t thank you enough for providing this service!
It made our lives so much easier being able to get my mom to our son’s reception. A couple of our guests did ask for business cards so I know they will be calling you in the future. Thanks again for the friendly service.  I will be sure to email Matt Chambers and thank him for having you on Great Day St. Louis!


My Mom Attended My Sons Wedding!

Thank you for your company and the unique service that it provides.  I don’t think we could have managed transporting my mom to and from the wedding of my son and his bride without a vehicle that is equipped such as yours.  We will keep you in mind if an occasion arises that we can make something like this happen again.


Mobility for U – A Godsend

I normally don’t rate purchases or services provided, but Mobility for U was such a godsend that it is truly warranted.  In the last few months of my mother’s life, she was no longer able to make the transition from her wheelchair to my car.  I tried to use various taxi services for wheelchair individuals, but they didn’t seem to be able or willing to accommodate after work hours or last minute requests.  Finally one day, someone told me that a new service was starting called Mobility for U.  I called Mike, and was able to rent a van early one evening to take my mom to the ER (one service actually told me they don’t take people to ER).  I believe I was his first client.  His willingness and adaptability to make it happen was great.  I experienced the same level of customer service during future rentals.  I didn’t want to use an ambulance, and this was a great option.  Thank you Mike!