Welcome to Michelle Monteil

Michelle Monteil is the new Administrator for Mobility for U.  Michelle brings a very high level of customer service and compassion and loves to help seniors and people with special needs with their issues.  I look forward to working with Michelle as she is a true asset to our company.

“Angel Company”

My husband is a retired surgeon, using a power chair for mobility. We live in California, and our daughter was getting married in St. Louis. It was daunting to envision how we could manage the logistics of travel and getting around once we were there. From the moment I talked to Mike at Mobility for U® in St. Louis, my confidence soared that we could and would make the trip. Mike would provide an appropriate ramp van, and he would meet us at baggage claim to get the car. In addition, he arranged for us to rent a small scooter for use in the hotel room, and a transfer board. Nothing could have been better than to have had the right equipment away from home and the services that Mike provided. He is truly dedicated to helping people, who are disabled, have mobility and do the things they need or want to do. Our daughter’s wedding was spectacular, and we enjoyed every moment of the whole weekend. It would not have been possible without this St. Louis “Angel Company” and Mike to help us.


So Convenient!

So convenient!! Mike always has everything ready for me when I arrive. The vans are very nice and easily accessible for my family member. We’ve used Mobility for U® on several occasions although we have our own vehicle to transport the family member. Mobility for U® has come up with a more convenient and comfortable way to transport her to and from any event, doctors visit etc….