Pay It Forward

Thanks to the ingenuity of people and companies around the world our seniors, loved ones with special needs and veterans have more mobility than ever before. New wheelchairs, scooters and other devices allow people to climb stairs, enjoy the outdoors, cruise the oceans and experience things that were never accessible to them before. BUT, we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of Equal Access.   And, we the people who are fortunate and don’t need these aids must become more aware of the remaining barriers that remain. I see so many people who won’t hold open a door for a person in a wheelchair, or help reach an item on an upper shelf in a retail store or help a person with their coat or help rearrange a table in a restaurant. I believe that everyone should spend a day in a wheelchair—then they would understand how difficult life can be. It only takes a moment to perform an act of kindness to a person who may not even ask for it.

He also gave us a Veteran’s discount for my father’s Navy service

My father broke his leg less than a month before a 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration. I was frantically trying to decide if we should still have the party and if we do, what were my options on how to get my parents to the event. I contacted Mike, who walked me through the process of renting one of his custom vans. His calm demeanor gave me the peace of mind I needed. He was so nice, flexible, and professional. My parents were so pleased, we used Mobility for U for the next four months until his death, to take him to his doctor appointments. He had the transportation benefit from Medicare we could have used, but it was very impersonal. With Mobility for U, we were able to take him to Red Lobster and SAM’s, etc., since we were in St. Louis anyway. He also gave us a Veteran’s discount for my father’s Navy service. I highly recommend Mobility Mike for all your mobility needs.


He made my parents feel much more relaxed about traveling

Mike is spectacular. He drove my parents to and from the airport. On the way to the airport, he brought them in, helped with their luggage and stayed with them until TSA showed up to help my dad out of his wheelchair and to their gate. On the way home, Mike met them at the baggage claim, drove them home, and helped them bring their luggage inside. He made my parents feel much more relaxed about traveling.

He did all of this at an incredibly reasonable price.

I would absolutely refer anyone to Mike. He is amazing!


Celebrating My Mother-In-Laws 81st Birthday

We reserved a van for my mother in law 3 times in December to celebrate her 81st birthday. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the first 2 times because she was ill. Mike was so understanding and nice despite one of the cancellations being the day of the reservations. When we finally were able to use the van to take her out, it was FANTASTIC! Mike went over everything we needed to know, and the van was in excellent condition. We loved the ease of driving the van ourselves, therefore having flexibility of when we picked her up and dropped her off. We have used several other services in St. Louis with their own drivers and have had to wait to be picked up. I highly recommend Mobility For U®! THANKS MIKE!!!


Wonderful Service!

We were in a pinch over the holidays when our van’s lift wouldn’t work. Mike told us he had a van, but it was only available for one day. We were hoping to use the van for more than just one day, so he gave us the phone number of a competitor to see if they could help us instead. It was more important to Mike that we get the van we needed than for him to get our business.

The competitor had no vans, so we used one of Mike’s vans for the day. It was clean and perfectly maintained and worked beautifully, even in the cold weather in late December. Mike provided wonderful service, and we would happily use him again.


Simple Life Pleasures Like Going For Ice Cream

Mobility Mike makes renting a minivan with a lift so easy. My sister and I took our 97-year-old mother out to shop, have lunch, and get her hair cut. We took her driving around to see her old house and places she missed. We visited her husband’s grave and more. We did some sad things but very important to her at this stage of her life. It was a treat for her and we had fun going for an ice cream. Simple life pleasures! Mike also suggested resources to help us find a new residence for our mother. We were then able to rent a van a second time to take her to see the new options for her housing. She was able then to give input instead of having her daughters choose for her. The vans are easy to drive, park, and handle. Mike provides a service that should be in every city! It’s been a pleasure, Mike, and thank you for your passion in helping those in need. We are hoping to rent from you again!