Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thanks Mike! I worked in health care for 20 years and share your values.  Now as a patient I can see all the more, how incredible it is for a patient to be touched by the passion and warmth of someone like you.  Keep up the amazing work and thanks from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks also for those who forget or are too sick to say thank you.

This makes it all worth while

Dear Mike:
I just wanted to thank you for your service in November, 2015, for taking my mom to her grandson’s wedding. Unfortunately, my mom passed away, in January, so her dream to see my youngest son’s wedding this Fall is watching from heaven. At least we had your service to help us get her to the wedding and that made it a great day. Thanks for all you do, I tell people about your service all the time, if it wasn’t for the service my mom wouldn’t have had the opportunity as she did. Thanks again J.O. St. Louis